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Solution – Cheveux

Hey Girl… Is This Where You Are Headed?

Is this You Now or In the Near Future?

Are you disgusted with your thinning, split-end, sickly, falling-out hair?

Is This You?

If you are plagued with this plight … yes, you are disgusted!

You are embarrassed at the sight of your hair.

You spend sleepless nights worrying about how worse it's going to get.

You find yourself not as excited as you should be to socialize.

Is This You?

Do you want to thick healthy full hair? Or course you do. We all do.

Hello, I am Melanie, founder of Cheveux

14 months ago, I noticed that I was losing my hair - clumps of hair were falling out going down the drain!

I noticed that I had to clean my hairbrush more often and that I couldn’t style my hair the same way because there simply wasn’t enough hair.

Finally, a friend was doing my hair for an event - she kindly and lovingly asked me if I was aware that I had bald patches and heavy thinning all over my scalp.

I was terrified – fearful.

So, I went to a board-certified dermatologist for help.

He told me that I had scarring alopecia – I was going bald.

I was devastated - terrified. I thought my life was over and that I would never feel like a woman again without my hair.

I agonized over what people might think, how would I get dressed up and pretty for special events?

Would people think that I’m older than I am would people think that I’m sick because I have no hair?

I am single and dating – how would this affect my ability to find my soul mate?

The doctor told me that there nothing could be done and then failed to respond to any of my follow-up calls or emails.

I sought a second medical opinion that was of no help.

I realized that I was alone in my struggle. I realized that my life would never be the same.

So, I began researching causes of hair loss and solutions.

What makes hair grow?

What makes hair fallout how can I make sure that my body has everything it needs to grow the hair that it grew in the past?

So, I started at the logical place-nutrition. I researched every vitamin and nutrient that was FDA proven to support hair growth.

Then I set about researching, measuring shopping for and compiling my own personal twice-daily supplement regimen.

I also researched what stimulates hair growth at the follicle level?

What stops the follicle from growing hair?

I then created my own scalp topical serum that I used twice a day.

Four months later friends and family were asking me about my hair – did I get extensions – what was it so long and full?

What was I doing?

Everyone noticed that my hair was growing thick and healthy. They also noticed that I was happier, too.

Our supplements are the most comprehensive on the market.

We encourage you to review our comparison chart.

All our supplements are produced in United States of America using only FDA approved ingredients and produced under the strictest FDA mandated manufacturing specifications.

In fact, we chose a local supplement manufacturer to ensure that we could oversee production at every stage. Our supplements are safe and of the highest quality ingredients.

We understand that you want to grow thicker Fuller healthier hair, but we also understand that you need guidance, support and coaching every step of the way.

We hold your hand with twice daily reminders to use our great product... and much, much more.

Cheveux offers a money back guarantee.

If you are not happy after using the product for 90 days we will provide a full refund. Visit our website for testimonials.

For $79 a month we will deliver to your door our kit containing 60 supplement packets and a month of our topical serum. The sooner you begin using Cheveux the sooner you will see results. Please understand that hair, like anything that grows, takes time. Expect it to take 90 to 120 days to really start to see beautiful results. Some of our clients see results earlier, it simply depends on your metabolism.

For less than what you probably spend on coffee in each month alone, you can…

• Regain the hair of your youth
• Feel confident about your appearance
• Stop worrying about hair thinning or hair loss

Imagine how you life will soon change when you have thick, full, shiny, lustrous hair?

• No more fear of the future about your hair
• No more embarrassment
• No more wall-flower

Order today - shipping is free… and in 2 to 3 days Cheveux will be in your hands!

If you order today and use code "healthyhair" you get a 10% discount.

You'll be glad you are part of our community every time you look into a mirror.

What You Get Every Month:

  • 60 packets each containing 3 capsules
  • 2 ounces (60 ml) of serum

Your Simple Daily Actions:

  • Open one packet and take the 3 capsules in the morning
  • Use the handy supplied dropper to apply 1 ml of serum in the morning
  • Take 3 capsules in the evening
  • Apply 1 ml of serum in the evening

You Can Cancel Your Subscription at Any Time with One Click

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You Can Cancel Your Subscription at Any Time with One Click

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