Fighting Back Against Hair Loss

Our founder’s journey.

Hello, I am Melanie founder of CheveuxRx!

14 months ago, I noticed clumps of hair falling out, going down the drain. I noticed my hairbrush full of hair, and that I couldn’t style my hair the same way because there simply wasn’t enough hair. Finally, a friend kindly and lovingly asked me if I was aware that I had bald patches and heavy thinning all over my scalp.

I was terrified.

A dermatologist confirmed it: I was going bald.

I was devastated. I thought my life was over and that I would never feel like a woman again without my hair. I agonized over what people might think, how would I get dressed up and pretty for special events? Would people think that I’m older than I am? Would people think that I’m sick because I have no hair?
I am single and dating – how would this affect my ability to find my soul mate?

The doctor told me that nothing could be done.

I sought a second medical opinion that was of no help. I realized that I was alone in my struggle. I realized that my life would never be the same.

I began researching causes and solutions for hair loss. What makes hair grow? What makes hair fall out? How can I make sure that my body has everything it needs to grow the hair that it grew in the past?

So, I started at the logical place: nutrition. I learned about every vitamin and nutrient that was FDA proven to support hair growth. Then I set about researching, measuring, shopping for and compiling my own personal twice-daily supplement regimen.

I also researched what stimulates hair growth at the follicle level. What stops the follicle from growing hair? Using my newfound knowledge I created my own scalp topical serum.

Then I started using it.

Four months later friends and family were asking me about my hair. Did I get extensions? How was it so long and full? What was I doing? Everyone noticed that my hair was growing thick and healthy. They also noticed that I was happier, too. And I was.

Now I’m sharing CheveuxRx with the world.

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